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    Tuesday, 27 September 2016

    Social Trade Biz India New Plan,Review | www.socialTrade.biz Work Online Work at home 10K to 25K Daily

    Social Trade Biz : Plan, Review & Details (Full Call Support)

    Status of Social Trade Biz – Paying.
    Category – Earn Money MLM Plans India, Mid-Risk Plan
    Payment Process- INR Bank Transfer. (Also, it has a ten days refund policy)
    Minimum Investment- Rs.5750


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    Sponsor Id – 61326082 (Right Side)
    For Joining Call +919626292920 /  +919629468410
    For Joining in TamilNadu +919626262920,+919629468410
    socialtrade biz plan

    What is Social Trade Biz?

    Social Trade is a social media market portal under Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited. Ablaze Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd an ISO 2008 certified Company. Established by a Pioneer Entrepreneur and Software Engineer. Mr. ANUBHAV MITTAL. You have to Work Daily (Like Click on Websites, Blogs, Like Facebook Pages) For 12 Months and Get your Earnings in your Bank Account Next Day automatically.

    Ablaze Info Solutions has also launched E-commerce portal named “INTMAART.COM” on 29th November 2016 for growing his presence for online business.
    • IntMaart Ecommerce Shopping Portal of Social Trade Biz (Launched by Sunny Leone, Amisha Patel)

    Social Trade is a Digital Marketing Social Media Exchange Plan which runs from last 1 year. I am really confused about this plan because it has all the Legal Documents but all documents belong to another company “Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited.” Check out Legal Documents below.
    See Below Video to Understand Social Trade

    New Website – How to View Ads and Redeem ePoints Video

    Steps To Join www.SocialTrade.Biz?

    1- Visit Social Trade Here and Click on Free Sign Up
    social trade sign up
    2- Enter your Name, Email ID, Mobile Number,
    Pan Card Number, Nominee Name (Enter any name),
    Sponsor ID- 61326082,61422933,61565490,61683312,61820453(enter this for booster, big power leg & best support),
    Choose the position as Left, Select Plan Type, Your Password, Retype your password Again (NOTE- password must contain special characters and numbers ex- rajesh12345@), Tick on I have read terms and conditions and Finally Click on Sign Up. 
    3- If you entered some incorrect detail, then the circle keeps rotate and you can’t be done sign up, then you must need to do is refresh or Reload the page. (Ignore this if you successfully sign up already)
    4- After Sign up, you get your USER ID in your Mobile Number.
    5- Now you have to Pay the package amount you choose on Company’s Bank Account through IMPS or NEFT or by Bank Receipt. (You can get the same bank details on socialtrade.biz website on Bank Details Section)
    Bank NameKotak Mahindra Bank 
    Branch NameUP Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
    Account Number666011006189
    IFSC Code KKBK0000180
    6- Login to your Account, Click on Purchase Digital Marketing Package.
    7- Enter Bank Payment Details, Reference Number or UTR number, Upload Payment Receipt & Click On Submit. See below screenshot to know more.
    Done. Your ID will get Activated within 48-72 hours. If you Get any problem on activation, Call on +919626262920,9629468410 (call me only for the new joinings)
      New User Interface Video: –

    SocialTrade Packages?

    They Offer 4 Packages & the validity of any Plan STP is 1 Year from the date of activation. After that, the Product/services will expire
    1. Rs 5750 (STP 10)
    2. Rs 11500 (STP 20)
    3. Rs 28750 (STP 50)
    4. Rs 57500 (STP 100)

    Task Income?

    You get a Task Benefit Daily Income as per packages below-
    Rs.5750 Package – Members  gets 10 Links Daily
    Income- 10 x 5= Rs.50 Daily
    Rs.11500 Package Members gets 20 Link’s Daily
    Income- 20 x 5= Rs.100 Daily
    Rs.28750 Package Members gets  50 Links Daily
    Income- 50 x 5= Rs.250 Daily
    Rs.57500 Package Members gets 125 Links Daily
    Income- 125 x 5= Rs.625 Daily

    How To Do Daily Tasks?

    Binary Matching Income?

    Binary Income is 8% as per below 1:1 weekly capping –
    • 1st Package User Earns Rs 50,000 Maximum Capping.
    • 2nd Package User Earns Rs 1,00000 Maximum Capping.
    • 3rd Package User Earns Rs 2,00000 Maximum Capping.
    • 4rd Package User Earns Rs 2,00000 Maximum Capping.
    NOTE: First Time, Binary Income is credited in your bank account after 15-20 days. Don’t Get Panic.

    What is Booster & How to Available It?

    Booster is a process of doubling of your daily task after you sale two-packages (in 1: 1 BV) of the same amount in 20 Days from your date of activation. Once the user activates the booster, then the user will get increased links daily until remaining period of the package. If a person should sell packages of different business size in 1:1, then the links will be attached according to the lowest package.
    Example: If you have bought STP-20 and you activated your booster with STP-20/STP-10 in 1:1, then you will receive 50% links from each sponsored package which means the user will get 40 Links / 30 Links everyday respectively from that day of joining. In case your sponsored packages are not equal then below package balancing will be taken & booster will be activated accordingly.

    What is ePoints?
    An e-point is an amount that matches to a visit done by a User to a designated website by clicking the particular web link. This web link is a customer of Social Trade who has purchased this e-point. 
    1 ePoint = Rs.5

    New 20 Plans

    Watch this video-->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxJqesm9mrY

     Some Quick Changes that Social Trade Made in their New Website:

    1) For Today Task –>go to “Earn ePoints” and click “View Advertisements.”
    2) To Submit Daily Task — >go to”My Campaigns”–>” points”–> “Redeem points.”
    3) For my work Payout–> go to my account and click “redeem summary.”
    4) For my Promotional–>go to my accounts and click “commission summary.”
    5) For my Network –>go to my connections and click “genealogy.”
    6) For my Team –>go to my connections and click “connections.”
    7) For my Business–> go to my connections and click “sale statistics.”
    8) To Update KYC & my Profile & Bank Details –> just click on three horizontal lines near the dashboard. (Upper right corner)–>manage profile
    9) New ID Creation –> Register or Free User just below to login space. After filling signup page, n the same manner, your id will get created. Then go to Manage Campaign, click on ePoints—>Purchase then put the figure as per plan like 5000 for STP100 and then click on purchase. You will get NEFT option below then fill details in the same manner and submit.

    Office Address?

    Ablaze Info Solutions Private Ltd
    D-8,3rd Floor, RDC Rajnagar
    Opposite BSNL Office
    Ghaziabad – Uttar Pradesh
    P.O Box Number: 201002ocial Trade Contact Info LOCATION Address

    Bank Proof?

    Legal Documents of Social Trade?

    How To Get Refund within 10 Days?

    If you not convinced with the plan/package, you can send a mail at refund@socialtrade.biz or put a request in ‘HELPDESK’ section in 10 days from the date of activation. Refund amount will be transferred in 15 operating days at your bank account, after the request.
    Note: After cancellation, the user will not be able to register again or purchase any package till next 6 months.

    Final Verdict

    This Plan is successfully running since 1 and Half Year without any problem, but it doesn’t mean that it is not run away. Obviously, people will be making money, but It is similar to the other chit-fund or pyramid based scams.
    All documents belong to another company Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited, why don’t they have any legal document of social trade. I mean in the case of legal action they can easily say that Ablaze is a separate company & no association with socialtrade. Also, they do not register with SEBI. They didn’t disclose the TIN Number yet. Comment below if you have an opinion.
    I don’t know how long this plan will sustain and breath. If you want to join, I advise you that Don’t invest more that you can’t afford to lose.


    Leave a comment what you think. For joining Call on +919629468410 or +919626262920

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